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Pintle Ring Coupling ( 6 Tonne )

Pintle Ring Coupling ( 6 Tonne )


The Couplemate CM255 Fixed Ring Coupling is ADR Approved and rated to 49kN for road vehicles driven on the highway.

Beware of fake ADR approval claims. These claims are common and cause problems during Vehicle Inspections.


  • Rating: 6 Tonne.
  • CRN: 45953
  • D-Value 49kN
  • 3-inch Fixed Ring Coupling, four hole mount
  • Hole spacings 182mm x 52m x 16.8mm
  • Australian Design Rules ADRS

Installed by DIY can be disastrous.

Is your pintle ring suffering excessive wear and tear? Your trailer may have its tandem spring setup in the wrong location.

Equipment installed in the wrong location can have a tragic effect.

All trailers have different weights and lengths. Heavy loads must ensure even distribution across your axle load group.

Buy a set of tow ball scales and measure your pintle hook head weight. It must be within the 5% to 7% range for a tandem trailer.

Without a tow ball scale, the head weight of your coupler is guesswork.

DIY is great but only if you are sure of the installation techniques.


View ADR Approval from Departments of Infrastructure Letter Here

When you purchase from Couplemate Trailer Parts, your CRN identification number for this product is located on your Invoice.

  1. ADR62/2 does not require an ADR compliance plate to be attached to certified products.
  2. The CRN on the approval letter will be the same CRN on your Invoice.
  3. Show vehicle inspectors this invoice during inspections of your trailer or vehicle if required.

If you are buying a similar product, just as good, with no CRN, then take it back as it may give you trouble down the track.

Regulations for Towing and Accessories over 4.5t

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