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223 Series Stop/Tail/Ind/Reflector

223 Series Stop/Tail/Ind/Reflector



  • Easy Mounting Design
  • Inbuilt Reflex Reflector
  • ADR Australian Road Approved
  • Voltage Range 12-24 Volt
  • IP67 Rated
  • 5 Year Warranty


Fitting Instructions
The screw covers on the left and right side of the lamp have been supplied not clipped-in for ease of installation. Once the lamps have been mounted using the screws provided, simply clip the covers in place. Important Note: If the screw covers ever need to be removed after installation,  locate the cover slots as marked on the drawing below, carefully insert only the tip of a standard 5mm flat screw driver into a slot, and lever slightly with the screw driver to release the cover from the lamp

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