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DO45 Hitch Pin Kit

DO45 Hitch Pin Kit


Introducing the Cruisemaster DO45 Hitch Pin Kit, brought to you by Trek Hardware. This comprehensive kit is perfect for those needing a spare DO45Plus Tow Pin for their second vehicle. Crafted from durable forged steel, the tow pin is rated to tow up to 4.5 tonnes off-road, making it an essential accessory for your off-roading adventures.

Please note that the DO45Plus tow pin is specifically designed for compatibility with our Cruisemaster DO45Plus coupling, ensuring a secure and reliable connection for your towing needs.

The Cruisemaster DO45 Hitch Pin Kit includes:

  • Standard DO45Plus Tow Pin
  • Protective Pin Cover
  • Handy C-Spanner

Before purchasing, please ensure your tow tongue is the correct size to accommodate the 1 1/4" (32mm) shaft included in this kit. With the Cruisemaster DO45 Hitch Pin Kit by Trek Hardware, you'll have peace of mind knowing you have a dependable and rugged tow pin for your off-road excursions. Order yours today and experience the difference of Cruisemaster quality.

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