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13mm X 13.5T Truck Trailer Tow Bar Safety Chain Holder Pair

13mm X 13.5T Truck Trailer Tow Bar Safety Chain Holder Pair


Truck trailer safety holders use 4140 high tensile pins only on vehicles that weigh over 3500 kg. These vehicles use Herc Alloy chains. National Heavy Vehicle Inspection Manual

The Herc alloy safety chain holder is an innovative solution to prevent the safety chain from dragging when attached to the towbar.

8t Military Grade Truck Trailer Safety


  • Weld the safety chain holder to the tow bar.
  • Weld safety chain holders directly to the trailer chassis rail as close as possible to the coupling.
  • The holder may also be welded to a plate which is affixed to the trailer via 4 x high tensile bolts. Example, in the case of aluminium trailers.

Testing Safety Chain Holders

Road safety starts with product safety and product testing.

Rigorous product testing is undertaken before the product is passed for the consumer to purchase.

The 200t press above is set up to destroy the safety chain holder to its breaking level and record the data.

Welding plays a crucial role in safety. Incorrect or unprofessional welding causes dangerous situations.

  • Every truck with a tow bar tow a trailer over 3.5t must have attached to it a pair of safety chain holders.
  • Mount the chain holders on either side and adjacent to the tow bar coupling.
  • Furthermore, the attachment must be able to withstand static forces that incur during towing and in particular, be resistant to cracks or breaks.

Dee Shackles and Safety Chains


  • 8t x 10mm Herc Alloy Safety Chain Holder.
  • 13.5t x 13mm Herc Alloy Safety Chain Holder.
  • 22t x 16mm Herc Alloy Safety Chain Holder.
  • 30t x 20mm Herc Alloy Safety Chain Holder.

Further, towbar safety chain holders differ to trailer mounted safety chain holders. Here is why:

  • Firstly, the lynchpin to enables the pin to be removed and re-attached from the holder located on the towbar.
  • Secondly, the trailer safety chain holder uses a split pin which is removed via the use of a tool.

Finally, the Breakaway switch lanyard requires adjustment upon installation, alternatively, the lanyard requires checking after replacement.

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