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16500kg, Pintle Hook, Pintle Hooks, Pintle Hooks Truck Trailer Caravan 4Wd

16500kg, Pintle Hook, Pintle Hooks, Pintle Hooks Truck Trailer Caravan 4Wd


Couplemate truck pintles are rated from 5 tonnes to 16.5 tonnes with safety catch included.

All Couplemate Pintles are black powder coated and suit standard mounts (85mm x 45mm). Pintle hitches are made from resistant alloy steel. This type of steel has been selected for its durability and corrosive resistance.

Pintle Hitch Is Individually Boxed And Available In 4 Different Ratings:

D -Value for pintle hitches has long been a mystery for many when selecting the right size pintle hook. D-Value is maximum horizontal load in kN given to a pintle hook.

D -Value for Pintle Hooks is critical when selecting the correct pintle hook because depending on your truck and trailer weight, the D-Value is changing.

“So I think I need a 10t pintle hook because I am towing an 8t trailer with a 20t truck.” The manufacturer states he does not have a D-Value. (in this case, you cannot use this pintle hook with no D-Value)

D-Value is the result of dynamic testing where a maximum value applied to the pintle hook. In case of a Couplemate 10t pintle hook, the D-Value is 49kN

Now review our Min requirements for D-Value and select your truck GVM and Trailer ATM.

For an 8t trailer, the max truck GVM is 20t a pintle hook of a Min 56kN is are required.

Our 14.5t Pintle Hook has a D-Value of 73kN and can easily be used to tow an 8t trailer.

You also may wish to choose a ring coupling to install on your trailer. Ring couplings fall into the same equation. If it does not have a maximum D-Value, then you cannot calculate the correct towing combination.

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