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C100A 12V Vsr Kit

C100A 12V Vsr Kit


An affordable and reliable, easy to install dual battery management system that requires no modification to the vehicle’s original wiring.

Kit comprises: 100A voltage sensitive relay (P/No. VSR100), rocker switch, lugs, terminals, heat shrink & cable ties, 4m main cable & 60cm aux earth cable (6 B&S), auxiliary battery terminals (2 x pos, 1 x neg)


  • Priority charging
    Ensures main battery is charged before connecting to auxiliary
  • Comprehensive kit
    Includes everything for an easy and professional installation
  • Manual override
    Can be used to jumpstart your vehicle in the event of a flat starting battery
  • Surge protection
    Built-in protection guards vehicle against voltage spikes
  • L.E.D indicator
    L.E.D illuminates when VSR is activated

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