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Lockon Socket & Plug

Lockon Socket & Plug


After a day taking your 4WD off the beaten track, rampaging down hills and splashing through creeks, there's nothing better than a cold drink or some fresh food. But if your fridge has become disconnected because the plug vibrated out you could be stuck with warm beer and melted treats. Luckily there is a solution: Baintech's revolutionary new LockOn Socket will ensure you can lock on to power, ensuring your travels can stay rough and your beer can stay cold.

The Baintech LockOn socket system is designed to ensure your gear such as fridges stays connected on the roughest trips. It's easy to use – simply turn the plug clockwise and the locking mechanism engages, ensuring all your essential gear can stay connected, even on the roughest treks. The connection is also water resistant with an o-ring ensuring uninterrupted power.

The Baintech LockOn System comes in a kit including the LockOn Socket and Plug – making it easy to DIY install. Simply replace your existing plug and socket with the LockOn System, then plug your gear in and take off.

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