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Replacement Pin and Clip for Treg Coupling

Replacement Pin and Clip for Treg Coupling


Replacement Treg Pin and Clip for Treg for Poly Block Couplings, Treg and Trig pins.

The Couplemate replacement pin features an extra-wide 'T' bar handle for easy grip and locking assembly. The 19mm handle is the same size as the main shaft.

Replacement handles on the genuine pin are smaller. Therefore, to make this pin easier to grip we designed the handle T bar to be 19mm.

The replacement handle diameter is 19mm. The top of the handle is also 19mm for ease of operation.

Also new is the lynchpin to replace the R Clip. There have been occasions when the R Clip has lost spring tension and rattled itself out of the hole. This has caused the coupling to separate from the bracket.

Couplemate recommends regular inspection of the "R" clip-on EOM equipment. Note: Non-Genuine


Compress the pin until the hole is visible under the car bracket. Insert the clip or the anti-theft lock to complete the installation. Ensure the bolt-on car bracket is tight.

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